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Know the right words to use in communicating with your Arabic clients.

We offer

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Guidelines for written and spoken communication.
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A selection of simple words and sentences to use.
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Specially tailored Arabic programs to meet your specific needs.
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Arabic lessons for your staff.
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Program content adapted to suit all levels of proficiency, from beginners wanting to improve their comprehension skills, to advanced speakers who need to brush up on a particular area of their Arabic.
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Simple language instructions to help you successfully communicate and
complement your strategy and goals.
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Individual or group instruction. For groups of 10 to 15 Candidates, we offer an
extremely cost effective and time effective way of professionally developing your
staff and their culture awareness skills.
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One hour weekly language consultancy meetings that provide ongoing
opportunities to engage in authentic conversation in an enjoyable pressure-free


Arabic for Business

Culture Awareness

Translating and Interpreting

Language Instruction



NP Arabic Consultants



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